Intro & Proposal to 202: “Visual Narrative”

Posted on October 5, 2012


My 2nd Project for my 2nd year of foundation (set only one day after my 1st project) is based on the concept of narrative and presenting said narrative through photographic practice. I have had a real difficulty getting to grips with this project, it can be based on anything we want as long as we can convey a narrative through our results however by doing extensive research into the subject I have begun to interpret narrative in many different ways.

The research I conducted to understand narrative involved reading Susan Sontags “On Photography”, reading articles based on narrative, Analyzing the narrative in others works such as Dimitris Theocharis, Martin Schoeller, Tim Simmons, Mikel Arrizabalaga, Vivian Maier and Michael Yon and even looking into La Jetee and how the narrative evolved from that into Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys”. I finally decided to conclude my research by looking into the inspirational work of the founder of the photo essay, W.Eugene Smith.

So with all my research out of the way and a much more informed knowledge on the subject of narrative I had finally come to an idea and with that I wrote a proposal as follows:

My Proposal for 202,

From all the research I have conducted I have concluded my analysis on how to understand and even construct narrative within photography and I have even found inspirations such as Vivian Maier, Edgar Martin and W. Eugene Smith. However my first mind map proved unhelpful until I was prompted to look into the media I enjoyed and from there my ideas took a turn for the better.

I could see from my mind map that I had great enjoyment within documentaries, although this genre of photography is still an extremely vast one, so looking back on my research Vivian Maier’s ‘Social Documentary’ and Edgar Martins ‘Historical Documentary’ were two great forms of documentary that I would be interested in following.

Keeping in mind the time I had to complete this project, social documentary may have been a bit tricky, having to find enough people, ensuring that it’s interesting, so on and so forth. With historical documentary I found it would be much easier to dedicate my time to it and also with the wealth of historical landscapes surrounding Plymouth I wouldn’t soon run out of interesting photographs to take for this project.

The Proposed Idea:

My idea is to photograph the historical context of the landscapes that surround Plymouth; this would involve traveling around both Devon and Cornwall. I would like to experiment with Tim Simmons technique of lighting the landscapes using artificial lighting whilst at night time to display that I have experimented with different ideas and techniques for the project.

This concludes my proposal.

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