Intro & Proposal to 201: “Plymouth College of Art Client Brief”

Posted on October 2, 2012


My First of many projects for my 2nd year of foundation I have been given the assignment of photographing The Plymouth College of Art and treating them as if they were my client. I have to select a certain field of the institute that I would like to photograph to positively promote and then conduct research by analyzing different institutes prospectus’s, websites and local advertisement.

Throughout my research I had un-covered the styles of photography that I would like to attempt to re-create and those of which I detest greatly therefore setting the cogs in motion for further ideas and mind mapping. After conducting my extensive research into the photography of education I have written up a proposal, a proposal of which was approved by my clients.

Pitching my Proposal for 201: “Photography in Practice 2”

I want to begin my pitch with the research I have done and am still carrying out, this involved analyzing PCA’s website as well as heavily deconstructing and analyzing both the H.E & F.E prospectus too. I also looked at and analyzed The University of Plymouth’s prospectus as well as various other commercial advertising of Plymouth based events for comparison. Not only my opinions have been accounted for within the analysis stage but another 10 people’s opinions have been too ranging from students starting university, parents, people of the local community and current students too.

Within my mind map I had shown interest to the following categories:

–          College Facilities & Resources

–          Events

–          Groups of Students

–          Behind the Scenes

–          Other Arts

However after conducting research I had found that the area I could best apply my attention too would be a combination in fact of, “College Facilities & Resource & Groups of Students”.

To clarify, using digital photography and portable lighting I would like to follow and capture students from different departments of ‘Contemporary Crafts’ aka from glass, ceramics, metal-works etc. I would like to photograph students in their natural and comfortable environment whilst working using PCA’s resources and facilities. Whilst attending lectures, and working on their projects, perhaps if completed in time, the results from their projects!

8/10 People had told me in my research that they love seeing students working and using the facilities, not just a portrait of them smiling and a paragraph about them, that got too ‘tedious’ and ‘repetitive’.

This is an area that I myself would be interested in photographing, upon approval of my proposal I would like to make contact with different departments and arrange times in which I could observe and work with the students of their class. I already have connections to other departments, these being friends in which they could give me the tour and highlight areas of interest for me to photograph giving me an inside look and further insight into my planning stages of photo shoots.

This concludes my proposal.

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