Dreamlike Portraits – Rosie Hardy

Posted on September 27, 2012


Rosie Hardy has an inspirational approach to self portraiture. She constructs props and scenery’s for the subject focus beautifully making the photograph all the more alluringly interesting. Looking through her website I can clearly see that she never does a ‘bog-standard’ portrait as each one shares a certain attribute of being unique.

The surreal approach to her work is what classes her as such a unique portraiture photographer and makes her stand out from the crowd but my favorite part of it all is that her photographs aren’t actually all that manipulated, it is all mainly constructed from props and mostly everything is done ‘in-camera’.

Each portrait has its own unique character which is something we all aim for within our own portraits but only few of us truly achieve and in my opinion Rosie Hardy achieves this in each and every photo and so she really inspires me and to work harder on my portraits to make them unique and interesting to those that view it.

Click here for more of these wonderful surreal portraits/ self-portraits:


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