Trapped – Jenn Ackerman

Posted on August 22, 2012


Jenn Ackerman has a fantastic education history having a BA Hon’s in Social Research, A study of Photography and A Masters Degree in visual communications, with this you can only see fit for what see has photographed within her incredible and inspiring series appropriately titled, ‘Trapped’. Jenn was interested by the subcultures within the US, this often involved those who were ‘misunderstood and overlooked’ such as metal patients imprisoned, HIV in America and those who find it a struggle to survive.

She wants to communicate between her subjects and her viewers and feel that she is creating a sense of emotion between both party’s. This series inspired me because it gives you an insight to what we don’t ever really get to see ourselves and it shows you what its like to be excluded from the world.

See more of this fascinating series with this link:

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