Britishness – Economic Greed

Posted on August 12, 2012


This was random, even for me. It begins with my travels to a poundshop in which I stumbled across these Union Jack decorated piggy banks and a bunch of olympic chocolate coins.

On impulse I bought them and thought that by smashing one I could demonstrate metaphorically the decline of our current delcine within the financial world and how tough competition is in which where others shall strive on anothers failure.

Given these ideas aren’t really suited for a postcard, theres too much thinking behind them, it’s too depressive (however in the future perhaps we can look back and laugh!) and the pictures aren’t, ‘pretty’ enough. Regardless my gut instinct told me I had to give it a try and so I did.

I expirimented with two different backdrops, one being plain white and another being the union jack and both came out with results that I was pleased with.

I took a bite out of the chcolotae coin (which was yummy…) and made it look as if the pig was eating it displaying a sense that we may as well be eating all our money at the rate we are spending and loosing it and that if we dont spend it ourselves, politicians, banks and lord knows what else will spend it for us, hence why I made the surviving piggy eat the smashed up piggy money… chocolatey!

Overall I was pleased with my results, whether it could go onto a postcard or not well that i’m leaving to public judgement so I can see for myself whether people can understand what I had try convey for themselves.

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