Britishness – Folkestone, Sussex & London Visit

Posted on August 11, 2012


Recently I returned home for the summer, first to Folkestone to my Dad and then to Sussex to my mum, each destination for a week each. This gave me a really fantastic chance to see the extensive patriotic behaviour of britishness spread across the south of the UK (having already seen how said behaviour has effected Cornwall and Devon too).Folkestone was great offering a large display of flags and vairiety of patriotic display however it was nothing compared to the ‘British goldmine’ I had found in Sussex and London, obviously as London is currently the heart of it all. So after a bit of camera frenzy behaviour, constant snapping and running my batytery to death I finally caught some photographs that I was really happy with and all of the following shown were taken in London:

Now having such a great selection of photographs to choose from that would fit the standard of a postcard I am spoilt for choice. Whilst travelling london I didnt go for the Olympics, instead I went to the markets and the stations, the things that are considered British before the olympics came to town and this also strays me from being repetitive of anothers work.

These two photographs would appeal to the ‘tourist state of mind’ given that these were taken in mind for the format of a postcard. However the markets are also have a large appeal due to the infamous title of ‘London Shopping’.

Overall I feel that my trip to London really has given me the edge I needed for this assignment as it has provided me with some fantastic contenders for what may be my final photographs to suit a postcard.

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