Inspirational Portraits – Martin Schoeller

Posted on August 9, 2012


Martin Schoeller was the first ever person I had ever posted about on this blog. However, being the start of a brand new blog I was too anxious and excited to really feature his work and give you (the readers) a good look at his talent for capturing really interesting portraits. He captures them so that the connection and eye contact between viewer and photographed model becomes immediate and direct so that his work is boldly presented.

To me Schoeller’s work makes an immediate jump into my top favorite photographers list because his portraits are innovative, new, ‘a breath of fresh air’ so to speak and they are exciting, not only are they direct and communicative but they are exciting and fun as well as surreal. The work I have chosen to feature in today’s blog is only scratching the surface in what he really has to offer and If there anyone I’d recommend you to look at, I would not hesitate in a second to suggest Martin Schoeller

His high profile portfolio and well known reputation gets him very exclusive access into the famous world of celebrities giving him fantastic and very photogenic models to work with as you can probably gather from the featured photographs.

Click here to see his website, (A directory to where he is featured)

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