FANTASTIC IDEAS! – Simon Hoegsberg

Posted on August 3, 2012


Simon Hoegsberg is the first person I’ve come across in a while to make me think, ‘What a fantastic idea‘. Looking through his website you can see many great ideas and each and every one of them carried out fantastically. I have huge respect for Simon Hoegsberg as he has inspired me to think more out of the box with new and fresh ideas and how we see our surroundings.

‘Private & Public is one of my favorite pieces as he photographs people in London whilst remaining in the exact same spot taking the photos from a distance of 30 meters.

Now its not often at all that I beg but anyone that reads this PLEASE follow this link

as I was really blown away by the simple concept of it and how it has been presented, What am I talking about? you’ll have to see for yourself, however I will tell you that the piece is titled, ‘We’re all gonna die – 100 meters of existence’ and appropriately so for a 100meter photograph

Click here for the home page of his website:

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