Award Winning – Wayne Lawes

Posted on July 29, 2012


I found Wanye Lawes in the Digital Photographer Magazine and a short bio of his work was accompanied with this photograph which was announced to be the 2010 award winner of the magazine. I have to say I was immediately impressed and so had pressed for an interview however I had no such luck to have him follow through, never the less I still found this photograph to be an inspiration. To me this photograph gives me new ideas to experiment with within the studio and to try out more freeze motion photography.

His online portfolio is filled with fantastic example of frozen motion photography which continues to inspire me and give me new ideas as to what I can do. However I have to admit I was disappointed by a couple of things, these being that he did not make a series of his award winning photograph (I would LOVE to see more!) and that the rest of his work cant quite amount to the standards of his photo too (not in my opinion) however they are still good and worth a look.

Follow this link for a closer look at his award winning work:

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