Exploring Newquay

Posted on July 24, 2012


So I went to the beach (Jealous yet?), I know what your thinking… “You had sun?!” well yes we finally had sun over in rainy England! So I snapped up on the opportunity and went t the beautiful beach orientated town of Newquay and I caught some really cool landscapes.Now if anything landscape photography is one of my weakest assets within photography and particularly even more so in this case being ill equipped with the technology I had. However I felt even more inspired by my surroundings to forget my disadvantages and just have fun and in doing so I feel that my results show  just that. Newquay’s clear blue beach and diverse change of scenarios intrigued me to explore, be it traveling along the sand, amongst the top of the cliff faces or in the rock pools there was always something interesting and alluring too look at. You could get on top of really high mounds and see the entire coast around you.I really recommend a visit to anyone with a love for landscape photography, traveling/walking/hiking or just a sunny day at the beach! Get a flake too whilst your at it!© 2012 Tom Coghill All Rights Reserved

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