Britishness – Product Change Shoot

Posted on July 22, 2012


As discussed in my first post based on the summer assignment project of ‘Britishness’ (click here to view it) I wanted to look into the potential of the idea of how our superstore products have changed to convey the pride of britishness.

However I was hindered within a couple of aspects of the shoot, this being not having a studio to hand I had to be inventive and make my own, using a pillowcase, foil & card, a converted lamp to accord for sync trigger, snoot, diffuser & tripod and also not having a camera that I am fully contented with in its results quality. Admittedly it was difficult but the end result was pleasing as what I had produced had worked to a standard in which I was happy with.

Without further ado here were my 6 best results:This was one of my personally favorite snaps, As you’ll see when you scroll through my other top 5 this photogenic British orientated lolly-pop makes a re-appearance a couple of times, however none of my other photographs fills the frame quite like this.

I liked this one, its simple, and to some extent joyful. Although my only issue with this is that it maybe falling into commercial tendencies.

Asking someone else’s opinion on my work they selected their favorite photo from my collection and this was it, I cant say I disagree with them it fills the frame nicely which was my main concern but their reasoning was “It’s just British looking”

My first thought was the attention to composition and formal element sand how in my opinion I had got them right but when I mulled it over further it became evident to me that this appeared to become more commercial than anything however this did not effect my affection for it as it still was selected within my top 6 although for a postcard it may not work very well. This was also a favorite of Tom Campbell’s and he had said, “I like it because its British companies promoting the britishness”

This was a special one to me, the reason being I could finally see another colour that wasn’t red, white or blue and that was a block of brown. The colouring is important to me but it is important to not overcrowd the photograph with the same colours otherwise it begins to get tedious. Otherwise what I enjoyed best of this photo was its composition and how its fits / fills the frame.

My final of the top 6. It doesn’t fit the frame but that’s what makes it work! It’s minimalistic appeal is exactly what highlights the subject and its colouring at hand in this photograph.

This concludes my first idea followed photo shoot, I have yet more to come but for now I would love to hear back from you and get some feedback to see what you think so PLEASE leave some feedback of some description. Thanks.

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