Exploring Dartmoor

Posted on June 11, 2012


I recently decided to explore more of my own ‘back door’ and explore more of Cornwall and Devon whilst I have the opporunity of living within the area and getting to know more of the area and its beautiful locations so that one day I may be able to refer to them once again within future projects. I started this self set assignment with Dartmoor.

HOWEVER, with the Plymouth College or Art closed for the summer I have found myself rendered without the more professional equipment I am accustomed to using within my university assignments so I am having to resort to using my own Panasonic Lumix DSLR which is outdated and not of ‘high photographic standard’ although thats ok because this self set assignment is more for the benefit of my own knowledge of my surrounding areas and potential photographic opportunities within the counties and so any areas I feel so strongly towards will be revisted at a later date with better equipment.

Dartmoor has a sea of vast green and forestry to support it’s calming and serene lake that gently surrounds it and at the time of my visit the skys were grey but eerily misty and spooky which really added a beautiful and natural effect towards the high surrounding hills and moors and its historical and broken down architectural structures. This is definatly an area I wish to re-visit and further explore within my own time.

The wildlife was calm and uplifting, almost superior even.

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