SWOT Analysis

Posted on May 13, 2012


Within our work based learning assignment we were all given a set of tasks that we had to fulfil and so I am writing a SWOT Analysis to conclude my strengths and weaknesses within the designated tasks and to overall summarise the projects and what I learned from it. I will be listing the tasks in order of strongest to weakest,

Hosting an Interview

I found this to be my strongest task, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found some really fascinating people and was really excited to see how each of them responded to my questions differently and the fact that I achieved the exclusivity for the interview made it that much better. I asked a total of around 60 people for interviews, 5 of which are posted on my blog and 13 have confirmed they would like to have the interview but have yet to arrange a date with me.

Entering a Competition

This was an easy task, it didn’t take up too much time and was simple, but I guess that varies on what competition you enter really, I chose the Eureka Competition and entered my still life photograph from my 101 project. This was a short task but most likely the most beneficial because it really gets your name out there and known.

Finding Inspirations

This was most likely the most tedious but I feel that was mostly due to fault of my own. I had decided to attempt to write a ‘Daily Inspiration’ but after about a month and a half I found that the time management for this was very difficult and having to juggle two other deadlines at the same time was becoming a bother so instead I decided to post an entry once every ¾ days and this became much more reasonable.

Posting Updates on 104

This was admittedly the most boring task; It was repetitive having to write about what we had already done. That’s probably my only remark on this particular task.

Posting about Forms and Documentations

The hardest part of this task was getting the risk assessment and property release form signed! I had to co-ordinate my time around my client’s busy schedule to arrange to meet in order to get them signed; otherwise it was just a case of scanning in these documents and discussing them within the blog. Again it wasn’t a difficult task, just a rather boring one.

Writing a PDP, Career Aspirations and CV

This was most certainly my weakest area, I’m awful at writing about myself and so I really struggled and sought help from others. Not only that but when it came to writing about what I wish to aspire towards within the future I broke down, I have never known what I want to do and to some extent that scares me and puts me into an unmotivated state of mind in which I believe I wont amount to anything within the medium, this ‘state’ lasted a week which was unreasonable for me. So I simply told the truth and elaborated on the words ‘I don’t know’.

Overall, I have found this WBL Assignment really inspiring finding new names in the field to keep in mind and giving me beneficial assets towards the future, these involve a new found confidence within interviewing others from around the world, a good new habit of having the interest in entering competitions and the general motivation to have my own blog in which others may find out more about myself and my work.

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