Andrew Pearce – Shutterbug Award Winner 2011

Posted on April 20, 2012


Andrew Pearce is both a photographer and film maker so naturally his photographs are composed of the scenarys he has used within his film making projects. I was inspired by his work, his definitive use of lighting and keen eye to the use of colour. I also really liked his simple ideas to manipulate and distort his subject, the best example of this is his series named ‘Glass Chambers’

Andrew is a passionate art photographer and filmmaker from the Australian countryside, who aims to capture both the world’s beauty and its devastation. At the age of 22, he’s had success in both national and international arenas. 

He created music videos for some of the worlds biggest bands, including Duran Duran, The Middle East, and Eskimo Joe. In 2011, he was awarded one of Australia’s most prestigious awards for emerging photographers, The Shutterbug Award.

To look at more of his fascinating work, click here:

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