Davis Ayer – INSPIRING!!

Posted on April 5, 2012


When I found Davis Ayer I was instantly dumb-founded by his vast use of various different techniques and his obvious mastery of them. His photographs are the result of years of practice and they show, these photos are just small exmaples of his work, he has an amazing portfolio and for those of you who wonder “how can I make my photos better?”, “what techniques can I use?” & “what idea’s could I incoperate into this boring one to make it interesting?” look no further because just by looking at David Ayers website I can ensure you you’ll find a new idea or inspiration to work with.

Personally I loved his ‘Time Travel’ series giving me inspiration to using different medius to coat a plain canvas and with this idea I can begin to expand beyound a canvas and some splashed paint for a creative outcome towards the human body.

From the Series: “Oblivious Fortune”

From the Series: “Time Travel”

“Brilliantly exposed and projected vintage images on the naked human form. Davis Ayer creates new symbolism in the blending of photographic landscapes, cityscapes and images using the body as the carrier and the screen”

Take a look at these incredible ideas here:


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