Erich Salomon – Spy with a Camera

Posted on March 31, 2012


Erich Salomon used photography as a tool to uncover truth and reveal what’s hidden to the public, as many documentary photographers attempt to achieve now, but Erich Salomon would get into conferances with world leaders and important politic meetings to capture a photo by any means, he would hide a camera under his jacket or even concealed within his hat with a shutter release cable hidden underneath his sleeve. Very interesting photographs!

“Erich Salomon´s pictures quickly spread to publications throughout the world. In 1929, the London Graphic coined the phrase “candid camera” to describe his technique. In time, the press dubbed him the “Houdini of Photography”, the “Master of Indiscretions, the “Invisible Cameraman”. One paper went so far as to call him “Diogenes with a Camera”. But the designation he was happiest with was “Historian with a Camera” and the term he invented to describe himself was Bildjournalist – which is still the German word for photojournalist.”

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