Location Shoot of Sutton Harbour/ Cattedown (104)

Posted on March 27, 2012


In doing my location shoot I was able to see my designated area much more clearly and gain new ideas and inspirations as to what sorts of clients I would be most interested in working with, My top three favourite businesses were:

Breakwater Breakers

A Scrapyard Business

South West Metals

Another Scrapyard Business which also deals in metal trading

The (Abandoned) Cooperage Pub

An Abandoned Pub.

So in finding out contact details for each of these revenues I called each of them up, only to be unfortunatly informaed that I would not be allowed to photograph on their premises.

This meant I was back to square one in the project and had already lost an entire weeks of valuable time, this knocked my confidence and I found myself having to search yet again for ideas and inspirations, in doing so I had found a friend (Nikki Gibbons) who had contacts around the area and had managed to set me up a meeting with her fathers workplace named, Mainstone Services Limited

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